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 Jewelry has always been a symbol of luxury, beauty, and love. It is an essential accessory that completes a person's look and enhances their personality. With the advent of e-commerce, the jewelry industry has experienced a massive transformation, making it easier for people to purchase jewelry from the comfort of their homes. One such online jewelry store that has gained popularity is Jewelegance.

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Jewelegance is an online jewelry store that offers a wide range of 22KT, 18KT, and 14KT gold and diamond jewelry for men, women, and kids. The store is a unit of Starck Corporation LLP and is a registered trademark under class 14, 16, 35, 42. The parent company Starck Corporation LLP was founded on 5th July 2018 by Darshan Soni, Dhruval Shah, and Gunjan Soni.

Jewelegance launched its website in June 2019, and within a short period, it has become a household name in the jewelry industry. One of the unique features of Jewelegance is that all their products are BIS Hallmark certified, which means that the gold and diamond jewelry is of the highest quality and purity. BIS Hallmark certification ensures that customers get what they pay for and can be confident in the authenticity of their jewelry.

Apart from BIS Hallmark certification, Jewelegance is also recognized as an ISO 9000:2015 certified company. This certification guarantees that Jewelegance follows a robust quality management system, which ensures that their products and services consistently meet customer requirements and are of high quality.

Jewelegance offers a vast range of jewelry designs to choose from, catering to various occasions, styles, and budgets. Their collection includes rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, and much more. The jewelry designs range from traditional to contemporary, making it suitable for people of all ages and preferences.

One of the unique aspects of Jewelegance is that they offer customized jewelry services. Customers can share their design ideas with the Jewelegance team, who will then work with them to create a unique piece of jewelry that meets their specifications.

In conclusion, Jewelegance is a reliable and trustworthy online jewelry store that offers high-quality gold and diamond jewelry for men, women, and kids. With BIS Hallmark certification and ISO 9000:2015 certification, customers can be confident that they are getting authentic and high-quality jewelry. With a vast range of jewelry designs and customized jewelry services, Jewelegance is a popular choice among customers looking for genuine, high-quality jewelry online.

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