a. Delivery charge may vary with each seller.
b. A seller may choose, in its own discretion, to waive the delivery charges for certain products.
c. Each individual seller may charge different delivery charges.
d. There shall be no hidden charges from the seller’s side, disguised as delivery charges. Delivery charges are inclusive of applicable taxes, including applicable goods and service taxes.
e. The buyers are requested to verify the delivery charges before placing any order from the Website.

a. The delivery of the order placed through the Website shall be made on usual business days, excluding Sundays and public holidays.
b. The estimated delivery date provided to the buyers shall be indicative in nature and shall not be binding upon the seller or JEWELEGANCE.
c. Delivery of the order depends on various factors such as availability with the seller, delivery destination, location of the seller, etc.. Due to these factors, estimated delivery timelines for the similar products may differ.
d. In case of delivery/shipping location is outside India, the estimated delivery date shall be prolonged and any additional charges such as customs or any other indirect duties levied by the countries shall be payable by the buyer. The seller and JEWELEGANCE shall not be liable for any confiscation by customs or any other government department of the delivery/shipping location country.

a. Once the order has be placed by the customer through the Website, JEWELEGANCE may take upto 3 (three) working days to confirm or to cancel the same.
b. The confirmation or cancellation of the order placed shall be communicated to the buyer.